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Siegen station
Deutsche Bahn
Through station
Bahnhof Siegen SiegCarré.jpg
Entrance building from Sieg Carré
Location Am Bahnhof 16-20, Siegen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Coordinates 50°52′32″N 8°0′58″E / 50.87556°N 8.01611°E / 50.87556; 8.01611Coordinates: 50°52′32″N 8°0′58″E / 50.87556°N 8.01611°E / 50.87556; 8.01611
Platforms 6
Other information
Station code 5842[1]
DS100 code ESIE[2]
IBNR 8000046
Category 3[1]
Opened 1861
Preceding station   Deutsche Bahn   Following station
toward Aachen Hbf
RE 9
Preceding station   Abellio   Following station
Terminus RE 16
toward Essen Hbf
RB 91
toward Hagen Hbf
Preceding station   Hessische Landesbahn   Following station
Terminus RE 99
RB 90
RB 93
Terminus RB 95
toward Dillenburg

Siegen station is the main station of the town of Siegen, in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is in close to the modern centre of Siegen, which includes the bus station and the Sieg Carré and City Galerie shopping centres.


The station was opened on 10 January 1861 simultaneously with the opening of the branch line from Siegen to Betzdorf, now part of the Sieg Railway. The Altena–Siegen section of the Ruhr–Sieg line was opened in August 1861.

Jews were deported from Siegen station from 1942 to 1944. This is recalled on a plaque on track 3.


Tracks, island platform and Rhein-Sieg-Express

Today the station has six platform tracks. Track 1 (a dock platform) and track 2 are next to the main station building. The other four tracks are located on the island platform, a through platform and a terminating platform on each side of the platform. Platforms are 38 cm high and the maximum usable length of platforms varies from 118 to 344 m. The station is not wheelchair accessible and has no lifts or escalators. It is planned to modernise the station at a cost of €11.4 million, with work due to be carried out between 2013 and 2017.[3]

The Siegen station is a transport node and connects with the Siegen bus network.

Regional services[edit]

The following regional services serve the station:

Line Service Route
RE 9 Rhein-Sieg-Express AachenDürenCologneSiegburg/BonnHennefSiegen
RE 16 Ruhr-Sieg-Express EssenBochumWittenHagenLetmatheFinnentropSiegen
RE 99 Main-Sieg-Express SiegenGießenFriedbergFrankfurt (Main)
RB 90 Westerwald-Sieg-Bahn SiegenBetzdorfAu (Sieg)AltenkirchenWesterburgLimburg
RB 91 Ruhr-Sieg-Bahn Hagen – Letmathe – Finnentrop – Siegen
RB 93 Rothaarbahn Betzdorf – SiegenKreuztal – Hilchenbach – Erndtebrück – Bad Berleburg
RB 95 Sieg-Dill-Bahn Siegen – Wilnsdorf-Rudersdorf – HaigerDillenburg

Long distance services[edit]

Between 13 December 2009 and 10 December 2011, a EuroCity service ran every morning from Siegen via Giessen, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich and Salzburg to Klagenfurt. One carriage runs directly to Zagreb.[4] The return service from Croatia / Klagenfurt reached Siegen at 21:57. This service was initially limited to two years and was not extended.[5]

Other facilities[edit]

In the station there is a DB travel centre, a McDonald's, a restaurant and a newsstand.

Inconsistencies in the naming of the station[edit]

The Siegen station is not called a Hauptbahnhof (central station) by Deutsche Bahn. Nevertheless, the term Siegen Hauptbahnhof is used at some signs at the station, on road maps and in on-train announcements. It is planned to officially rename the station Siegen Hauptbahnhof at the completion of the refurbishment works in 2017.


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