Siegfried III (archbishop of Mainz)

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Archbishop Siegfried III of Mainz. The oldest memorial in Mainz Cathedral.[1]

Siegfried III von Eppstein (died 9 March 1249) was Archbishop of Mainz from 1230 to 1249. He in 1244 granted freedom to the citizens of Mainz, who subsequently could run their affairs more independently though their own council;[2][3] in law it remained an episcopal city.[4]

He acted as regent for Conrad IV of Germany, while Emperor Frederick II was campaigning in Italy, 1237 to 1242.[5] He was, though, a supporter of Pope Innocent IV.[6]

He held a major synod in 1239.[7]

He added Lorsch Abbey to the archbishopric.[8]


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Siegfried II
Archbishop of Mainz
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