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Siegfried Jost Casper (born 12 January 1929) is a German biologist whose primary research is in limnology and the plant genus Pinguicula (the butterworts). Together with Heinz-Dieter Krausch he has published a basic reference work on the sweet-water flora of central Europe. For many years he studied the East German lake Stechlinsee as well as the river Saale. In 1966 he published a monograph of the genus Pinguicula, a work that is still in use today. He has described at least 14 new species, most recently Pinguicula lippoldii and Pinguicula toldensis in 2007.[1] He has served as head of the Botanical Garden of the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena and since 1990 has been a member of the "Akademie Gemeinnütziger Wissenschaften" in Erfurt.


  • Monographie der Gattung Pinguicula L., (Bibliotheca Botanica, Heft 127/128), 1966, Stuttgart

Notes and references[edit]

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