Siemens C25

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Siemens C25
Siemens C25.png
Manufacturer Siemens
Compatible networks GSM dual band
Availability by country 1999
Form factor Candybar
Dimensions 116 mm × 46 mm × 28 mm
Weight 135 grams (including battery)
Battery 650 mAh NiMH
Data inputs Keypad
Display 3 × 12 alphanumeric chars

The Siemens C25 is a mobile phone introduced by Siemens in 1999.[1] It weighs 135 g and its dimensions are 117 × 47 × 27 mm (length (without the antenna) × width × depth). Its display is a 3 × 12-character monochrome LCD.

The phone's battery powers the phone for 300 minutes talk time, or up to 160 hours if left in stand-by mode. It is a dual-band mobile phone, supporting both GSM 900 and GSM 1800 network frequencies. It supports up to 21 monophonic ringtones. It also supports SMS sending and receiving.


Despite usability flaws, Mobile Review found it "a beautiful phone to hold and use".[1] Mobiles magazine scored it 88/100, despite also criticising certain omissions.[2]


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