Siempre Contigo (Lucero album)

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Siempre Contigo
Siempre Contigo.jpg
Studio album by Lucero
Released 30 May 1995 (1995-05-30)
Recorded 1994–1995
Genre Pop
Label Melody
Producer Rafael Pérez Botija
Lucero chronology
Cariño De Mis Cariños
Siempre Contigo
Lazos de Amor
Singles from Siempre Contigo
  1. "Palabras"
    Released: 20 April 1995
  2. "Siempre contigo"
    Released: 6 June 1995
  3. "Como perro al sol"
    Released: 29 August 1995
  4. "¿Quién soy yo?"
    Released: 7 October 1995
  5. "Volvamos a empezar"
    Released: 28 November 1995

Siempre Contigo (English: Always With You) is the twelfth album from Mexican pop music singer and actress Lucero. It was released in 1995, selling more than 700,000 units till today in Mexico and United States.[1] It reached #15 in Billboard Top Latin Albums.

This was the third album written, produced, and arranged by Rafael Pérez Botija for the singer, and was another success for both. The producer also presented another song to be included called "Un Mundo sin Amor" (A World Without Love), but since the singer decided that this album was about victorious love, the song was not included. Lucero told Mexican magazine Eres that she was very proud of this album because it had something for everybody, and was an album to be played in every home for the whole family.

The first single was the title track "Siempre Contigo" which hit #1 in Mexico and #4 in United States. Once again Lucero was face to face with Luis Miguel for the top of the Mexican charts. "Siempre Contigo" was at #1 for 3 weeks, when Luis Miguel's "El Día Que Me Quieras" hit the top spot.

With the release of the second single ("Quién Soy Yo", English: Who Am I), Lucero had to settle for the #2 rug of the charts, because of Luis Miguel's "La Media Vuelta".

By the time of the release of the third single "Palabras" (English: Words), she spent 5 weeks at the top. Also a fourth and a fifth single were taken from the album: "Como Perro al Sol" and "Volvamos a Empezar".

Lucero was starring in 1994 on the soap opera Lazos de Amor and a re-release of the album was planned to include the song "Lazos de Amor" and increase sales (the album at the time had 350,000 copies sold), however the plans were dropped and instead an EP with the song and 4 instrumental tracks was released.

Track listing[edit]

The album is composed by 11 songs, all of them were arranged and produced by Rafael Pérez Botija.[2]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Volvamos a empezar" Rafael Pérez Botija 3:44
2. "Como perro al sol" Rafael Pérez Botija 3:20
3. "24 horas" Rafael Pérez Botija 3:55
4. "¿Quién soy yo?" Rafael Pérez Botija 4:01
5. "Alguien" Rafael Pérez Botija 3:25
6. "Te extraño tanto" Rafael Pérez Botija 4:14
7. "Palabras" Rafael Pérez Botija 4:29
8. "Déjame ir" Rafael Pérez Botija 4:40
9. "Regresar" Rafael Pérez Botija 4:48
10. "Fotografíame" Rafael Pérez Botija 4:08
11. "Siempre contigo" Rafael Pérez Botija 4:09


# Title Mexico United States
Hot Lat.
United States
Argentina Costa Rica Colombia Peru Nicaragua
1. "Palabras" #1 n/a n/a #16 #9 #13 #8 #2
2. "Siempre contigo" #1 #4[3] #1[4] #5 #1 #2 #1 #1
3. "Como perro al sol" #20 #7 n/a #39 n/a #28 #43 #15
4. "¿Quién soy yo?"[5] #2 #24 #12 #15 #10 #20 #19 #7
5. "Volvamos a empezar" #19 n/a n/a n/a n/a #30 n/a #2

Chart performance[edit]

This was the 6th album of Lucero that entered to the list of Billboard. The album peaked #15 for one week.

Chart Peak[6]
Billboard Latin Pop Albums 15



  • Recorded at: Criteria (Miami), Record One (LA) Smecky (Prague), Kirios (Madrid)
  • Recording engineers: Carlos Nieto, Ray Pyle, Javier Vacas, Juraj Durovic.
  • Mixing: Kirios Studios by Carlos Nieto
  • Mastering: Steve Marcussen
  • Arrangements, piano, keyboards and programming: Rafael Perez Botija
  • All vocals: Lucero
  • Photography: Adolfo Perez Butron
  • Wardrobe: Frattina


  • Bass: Neil Stubenhaus
  • Drums: Mike Bayrd
  • Guitars: Tim Pierce, Jose Antonio Barrera, Rene Toledo
  • Metals: Ed Calles
  • Sax: Tony Concepción
  • Trumpet: Jim Hacker
  • Strings: Philharmonic Orchestra of Prague. Director: Mario Klemens
Preceded by
"La Media Vuelta" by Luis Miguel
U.S. Billboard Latin Pop Airplay number-one
January 14, 1995
Succeeded by
"Con tu amor" by Cristian Castro