Siempre Selena

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Siempre Selena
Remix album by Selena
Released November 5, 1996 (US)
Recorded 1986–1996
Genre Tejano, Latin Pop
Label EMI
Producer Abraham Quintanilla, Jr.
Selena chronology
Éxitos y Recuerdos
Siempre Selena
Selena: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Singles from Siempre Selena
  1. "Siempre Hace Frio"
    Released: January 27, 1996
  2. "No Quiero Saber"
    Released: February 20, 1996
  3. "Costumbres"
    Released: March 9, 1996

Siempre Selena is the first remix album by American singer Selena. Like Dreaming of You, the 1995 album that documented her final English-language recording sessions and added some concurrent Latin hits, Siempre Selena combines remixes of recordings Selena made as a teenager with a couple of later, previously unreleased tracks. It features the romantic mariachi song "Siempre Hace Frio" which went to number two on Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks. It also includes a remix of "No Quiero Saber" which was featured on the official Latin album for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Also on the album is a new version of the song "Tu Robaste Mi Corazon" with the male vocals now sung by Pete Astudillo rather than Emilio Navaira.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Siempre Hace Frio" (Cuco Sanchez)
  2. "Only Love" (Mark Spiro, Robbie Buchanan) (Previously Unreleased)
  3. "Soy Amiga" (Ricky Vela)
  4. "Como Quisera" (Abraham Quintanilla III, Ricky Vela)
  5. "A Million to One" (Phil Medley)
  6. "Costumbres" (Juan Gabriel)
  7. "Cien Años" (Alberto Cervantes, Ruben Fuentes)
  8. "Tú Robaste Mi Corazón" (New version) (duet with Pete Astudillo) (Abraham Quintanilla III, Ricky Vela)
  9. "Ya No" (Remix) (Abraham Quintanilla III, Ricky Vela)
  10. "No Quiero Saber" (Remix) (Abraham Quintanilla III, Pete Astudillo)

Singles released[edit]

  1. "Siempre Hace Frio"
  2. "Costumbres"
  3. "A Million to One"

Charts, Sales and certifications[edit]

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