Siena International Photo Awards

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Siena International Photo Awards
Founded2014, Siena, Italy
FocusPhotojournalism, wildlife photography, street photography, nature photography
Area served
MethodContest, Education
Key people
Luca Venturi (Founder)

The Siena International Photo Awards (SIPAContest) is a photography competition for professional, amateur and student photographers from around the world. It is judged by an international panel of experts that includes renowned photographers, editors and photography collectors. First presented in 2015, by their second year the awards and the associated Siena Awards Festival in Siena, Italy, were considered prestigious.[1][2]


Siena International Photo Awards was created by Luca Venturi as part of the mission of the Art Photo Travel Association, a non-profit organization based in Siena, Italy. The awards were first presented on October 30, 2015.

Award ceremony[edit]

The awards ceremony takes place in Siena at the Teatro dei Rozzi, Siena theatre. On the day, of the ceremony, the Siena International Photographer of the Year and other award-winning images are announced. Following the awards ceremony, the "Imagine All the People Sharing All the World" photography exhibition honoring the winners opens its doors in Siena. A book featuring all prize-winning entries is published annually in two languages (Italian and English).


The winning images are selected by a professional jury (including photographers from National Geographic and the BBC)[3] from among thousands of entries (2019: approximately 50,000, according to the SIPAContest team), received from all over the world.

The winners of the main categories are invited to attend the gala to compete for the main award of Siena Photographer of the Year. The winner of the main award, Photographer of the Year, receives the Pangea Prize.[4]

An exhibition of the winning and honorable mention images, as well as Remarkable Artworks, named "Beyond The Lens," and is located each year at the exhibition space of the former distillery "Lo Stellino." In 2019 the exhibition was entitled "Imagine all the people sharing all the world."

A book of winning entries and runners-up has been published each year since 2015.

Annual Ceremonies and Honorees[edit]


The 2019 awards ceremony was celebrated at the Teatro dei Rinnovati on October 26.

  • Siena International Photographer of the Year – Jonathan Banks (Great Britain)
  • Best Author – Matt McClain (USA)
  • Category Winners - Story-Telling: Constanza Portnoy (Argentina), Creative & Still Life: Hardijanto Budiman (Indonesia), Sports In Action: Maxim Korotchenko (Russia), Architecture And Urban Spaces: Elizabeth Jenny Taner (Indonesia), Animals In Their Environment: William Burrard-Lucas (Great Britain), The Beauty Of The Nature: Ignacio Medem (Spain), Fascinating Faces And Characters: Matt McClain (USA), Journeys And Adventures: Susana Girón (Spain), Photojournalism: Alessio Paduano (Italy), Jump for Joy: Bram Paulussen (Belgium), Under 20: Mohit Khetrapal (India)


The 2018 awards ceremony was celebrated at the Teatro dei Rozzi on October 27.

  • Siena International Photographer of the Year – K M Asad (Bangladesh)
  • Best Author – Tariq Zaidi (Great Britain)
  • Category Winners - Story-Telling: David Chancellor (Great Britain), Splash Of Colors: Sina Falker (Germany), Sports In Action: Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz (Spain), Architecture And Urban Spaces: Fyodor Savintsev (Russia), Animals In Their Environment: Amos Nachoum (USA), The Beauty Of The Nature: Francisco Negroni (Chile), Fascinating Faces And Characters: David Nam Lip Lee (Malaysia), Journeys And Adventures: Zach Lowry (USA), General Monochrome: Marcel van Balken (Netherlands), General Color: Klaus Lenzen (Germany), Under 20: Yinzhi Pan (China)


The 2017 awards ceremony was celebrated at the Teatro dei Rozzi on October 28.

  • Siena International Photographer of the Year – Randy Olson (USA)
  • Best Author – Ami Vitale (USA) [5]
  • Category Winners - Story-Telling: Ami Vitale (USA), Fragile Ice: Roie Galitz (Israel), Sports In Action: Tim Clayton (United Kingdom), Architecture And Urban Spaces: Hans-Martin Doelz (Germany), Animals In Their Environment: Sergey Gorshkov (Russia), The Beauty Of The Nature: James Smart (Australia), Fascinating Faces And Characters: Joao Taborda (Portugal), Journeys And Adventures: Alessandra Meniconzi (Switzerland), General Monochrome: Jack Savage (Great Britain), General Color: Jonathan Bachman (USA), Under 20: Zijie Gong (China)


The 2016 awards ceremony was celebrated at the Teatro dei Rozzi on October 29.[1][2] The competition for the 2016 awards began in December 2015. Judges for the competition included Melissa Farlow of National Geographic.[6] Greg Lecoeur's winning photograph was of gannets diving for sardine off the coast off South Africa.[7] The same photograph won National Geographic's Photographer of the Year contest.[8]

  • Siena International Photographer of the Year – Greg Lecoeur (France)
  • Best Author – Audun Rikardsen (Norway)
  • Category Winners - Story-Telling: Jacob Ehrbahn (Denmark), Wine: Gianluca De Bartolo (Italy), Sports In Action: Audun Rikardsen (Norway), Architecture And Urban Spaces: Mike Hollman (New Zealand), Animals In Their Environment: Audun Rikardsen (Norway), The Beauty Of The Nature: Giuseppe Mario Famiani (Italy), Fascinating Faces And Characters: Jiming Lv (China), Journeys And Adventures: Leyla Emektar (Turkey), General Monochrome: Marcin Ryczek (Poland), General Color: Danny Yen Sin Wong (Malaysia), Student: Krishna Vr (Mexico)


The 2015 awards ceremony was celebrated at the Teatro dei Rozzi on October 30.

  • Siena International Photographer of the Year – Vladimir Proshin (Russia)
  • Best Author – Joseph Tam (Australia)
  • Category Winners - Storyboard: Gordon Welters (Germany), Cultural Value Of Man's Relationship With Food: Luca Bracali (Italy), Sport: Joseph Tam (Australia), Architecture: Jorgen Johanson (Norway), Wildlife: Mateusz Piesiak (Poland), Nature: Hasan Baglar (Cyprus), People And Portrait: Linelle Deunk (Netherlands), Travel: Noor Ahmed Gelal (Bangladesh), Open Monochrome: Fausto Podavini (Italy), Open Color: Giulio Montini (Italy), Student: Mateusz Piesiak (Poland)


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