Sierpe River

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Sierpe River
Rio Sierpe
Sierpe River is located in Costa Rica
Sierpe River
Location of mouth
CountryCosta Rica
Physical characteristics
 • location
Pacific Ocean
 • coordinates
8°49′N 83°34′W / 8.817°N 83.567°W / 8.817; -83.567Coordinates: 8°49′N 83°34′W / 8.817°N 83.567°W / 8.817; -83.567
Official nameTerraba-Sierpe
Designated11 December 1995
Reference no.782[1]

Sierpe River (Spanish: Rio Sierpe) is a river of Costa Rica. Boat traffic is common with both locals and tourists. A broad range of wildlife can be seen from the American Crocodile, various other reptile species, and exotic fish and birds. It joins the Rio Terraba.[2][3]


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