Sierra (film)

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Directed by Alfred E. Green
Produced by Michael Kraike
Written by Edna Anhalt
Milton Gunzberg (additional dialogue)
Based on novel The Mountains Are My Kingdom by Stuart Hardy
Starring Audie Murphy
Wanda Hendrix
Burl Ives
Dean Jagger
Music by Walter Scharf
Cinematography Russell Metty
Release dates
  • 1950 (1950)
Running time
83 mins
Country United States
Language English

Sierra is a 1950 Western film starring Audie Murphy. It is a remake of Forbidden Valley (1938). Tony Curtis and James Arness have small roles.[1]


Jeff Hassard (Dean Jagger) and his son Ring (Audie Murphy) lead an isolated existence in the mountains breaking horses, because Jeff is wanted for a murder he did not commit. Their lives are interrupted when they stumble upon a young woman, Riley (Wanda Hendrix). When Jeff is injured, Ring has to go into town to get help.


Wanda Hendrix was billed over Audie Murphy in the credits. They were married when the film was made, however their marriage was short and tumultuous, and the two were separated before the film was even released. According to various interviews and articles on the film, Murphy was suffering from what would eventually come to be known as post-traumatic stress disorder, which resulted in his often erratic and unpredictable behavior.



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