Sierra Arana

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Sierra Arana
Sierra Harana
Peña Cruz.jpg
Peña de la Cruz, the highest peak in the Sierra Arana
Highest point
Peak Peña de la Cruz
Elevation 2,027 m (6,650 ft)
Length 510 km (320 mi)
Width 60 km (37 mi)
Country Spain
Range coordinates 37°20′0″N 3°30′0″W / 37.33333°N 3.50000°W / 37.33333; -3.50000Coordinates: 37°20′0″N 3°30′0″W / 37.33333°N 3.50000°W / 37.33333; -3.50000
Parent range Subbaetic System
Orogeny Alpine orogeny
Age of rock Cenozoic
Type of rock Limestone

The Sierra Arana or Sierra de Arana, also known as Sierra Harana, is a mountain range in the center of the province of Granada, southern Spain. Its highest peak is the Peña de la Cruz, at 2,027 m (6,650 ft).


It is a mostly karstic range,[1] part of the larger Subbaetic System. According to some geographers Sierra Arana includes other ranges such as the Sierra de Cogollos, the Sierra de la Yedra and the Sierra de Alfacar y Víznar.

Municipalities which are part of the Sierra Arana include Deifontes, Iznalloz, Cogollos Vega, Huétor Santillán, Diezma, Darro, La Peza, Píñar, Morelábor and Huélago. The area of the range is bounded in the north by the Comarca of Los Montes and its southern end is included in the area of the Sierra de Huétor and la Alfaguara Natural Park.[2]

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