Sierra Baron

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Sierra Baron
Sierra Baron.jpg
Directed by James B. Clark
Produced by Plato A. Skouras
Screenplay by Houston Branch
Based on Sierra Baron
1955 novel
by Thomas W. Blackburn
Starring Brian Keith
Rick Jason
Rita Gam
Music by Paul Sawtell
Bert Shefter
Cinematography Alex Phillips
Edited by Frank Baldridge
Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Release date
  • July 1, 1958 (1958-07-01)
Running time
80 min
Country United States
Language English

Sierra Baron is a 1958 Western CinemaScope color film directed by James B. Clark and starring Brian Keith, Rick Jason and Rita Gam.

Plot summary[edit]

In 1848, a rancher, Miguel Delmonte (Rick Jason) tries to protect his Princessa Spanish land grant, after his father was killed, from American landgrabbers. Real estate agent Rufus Bynum (Steve Brodie, hires a Texas gunfighter Jack McCracken (Brian Keith) to kill the man. The gunfighter ends up falling in love with the rancher's sister Felicia (Rita Gam).[1][2]



The novel was published in 1955. The New York Times called it a "grade A novel".[3] In May 1956 the novel was optioned by the sons of Spyros Skouras, Plato and Spyros Jnr, who had formed a production company, Artys Co, with their cousin Charles Spyros Jnr, son of Charles Skouras. Andre De Toth and John Hawkins wrote a script with De Toth intending to direct; the Skouras brothers wanted Gregory Peck and Jack Palance to star.[4][5]

Eventually rights shifted to Regal Pictures Inc and the film was made as part of Regal's ten films in three months. De Toth did not direct.[6]

The film was shot back to back with Villa!! in Mexico, in and around Cherabusco Studios in Mexico City.[7][8]

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