Sierra Bermeja

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Sierra Bermeja is a mountain range in southwestern Puerto Rico. It covers the area from the Laguna Cartegena to the north, to the Caribbean Sea to the south. From the Boqueron Forest to the west, to La Parguera to the east. It consists of a combination of volcanic rocks, completely crossed by serpentinite and amphibolite faults, which could well be the oldest known rock in Puerto Rico. The mountains were used by the Taíno people as refuge from the Spanish, and then by smugglers during the Spanish colonization.[citation needed]

The Sierra Bermeja is the nesting place of many species that feed in the Laguna Cartegena. These hills are among a few forested areas of the southwestern coastal plain, characterized by its aridity. As a result, the Sierra provides the requirements for a large quantity of wildlife established in the area, many of it endangered.

Developments in the region have become a threaten to the area, even though it is one of the most important natural areas in Puerto Rico.[1]


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Coordinates: 17°59′54″N 67°06′38″E / 17.99833°N 67.11056°E / 17.99833; 67.11056