Sierra Carrascosa

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Sierra Carrascosa
Sierra Carrascosa34.JPG
NE end of Sierra Carrascosa with the Guerrero Romano rock formation
Highest point
Elevation 1,214 m (3,983 ft)
Listing List of mountains in Aragon
Coordinates 40°42′15″N 0°21′12″W / 40.70417°N 0.35333°W / 40.70417; -0.35333Coordinates: 40°42′15″N 0°21′12″W / 40.70417°N 0.35333°W / 40.70417; -0.35333
Sierra Carrascosa is located in Spain
Sierra Carrascosa
Sierra Carrascosa
Location Maestrazgo. Aragon
Parent range Iberian System, Eastern zone
Mountain type Sandstone
Easiest route From the towns of Villarluengo, Bordón or Castellote

Sierra Carrascosa is a mountain range in the Maestrazgo comarca of Aragon, Teruel Province, Spain. The highest point in the range is Muela Carrascosa (1,214 m). The Guadalope River flows along the NW side of the range.[1]


This 14 km long rocky range is located at the eastern end of the Iberian System and, like neighboring Sierra de Garrucha is characterized by very tight folds. Close to its northeastern end there is a very striking red rock formation known as El Guerrero Romano, "The Roman Soldier". It is a spectacular sight, very visible from A-226 road between Bordón and Castellote.[2]

Villarluengo and Bordón are the most important towns in the vicinity of this range. The range is named after the Quercus coccifera spiny oak (Spanish: carrasca).

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