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Sierra Estaban

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Sierra Estaban
As the World Turns character
Portrayed by Finn Carter (1985–88, 1990–91, 1994)
Mary Beth Evans (2000–05, 2010)
Duration 1985–88, 1990–91, 1994, 2000–05, 2010
First appearance January 1985
Last appearance August 13, 2010
Created by Cynthia Benjamin and Susan Bedsow Horgan
Residence Montega

Sierra Estaban (formerly Reyes, Montgomery, and Drake) is a fictional character on CBS's daytime drama As the World Turns.


Sierra Bonita Estaban is the daughter of Lucinda Walsh (then known as Mary Ellen Walters) and Prince Jacobo Estaban of Montega. Lucinda left Montega when Sierra was a baby. Sierra came to town after fleeing Montega because of a coup that killed her father. She knew if she stayed she would be killed and she sought refuge in Oakdale.

Craig Montgomery had helped with her escape and helped her settle into her new life in Oakdale. Sierra stayed with Lucinda, who she had no idea was her mother, and worked as Danielle Andropoulos's nanny. Craig and Sierra fell in love and became engaged, but there were two explosive secrets hanging over their heads: one being that Craig was aware Lucinda was Sierra's biological mother and the other being that Craig had a fling with Lucinda after he met Sierra, but before they had become a couple. When the truth came out, Sierra wanted nothing to with Lucinda or Craig. Sierra reconnected with her childhood sweetheart, Tonio Reyes, who had also fled Montega. She impulsively married him to get over Craig.

Sierra soon realized she had made a mistake marrying Tonio, not only because she was still in love with Craig, but also because he was controlling and possessive. Tonio did not want Sierra going to school, working, or seeing Craig. He wanted the two of them to have a baby right away, but Sierra made it clear she wanted a career as a doctor. Sierra became convinced that Lucinda and Tonio were having an affair (she was only partially wrong since Tonio was having an affair with Barbara Ryan). She sought comfort from Craig and the pair made love. Sierra found out she was pregnant and, since it was believed Craig was sterile, Tonio had to be the father.

Despite having a baby on the way, Sierra wasn't sure she still wanted to be married to Tonio. Tonio begged her to give him a second chance, but she insisted that they separate. When she found out about Tonio and Barbara's affair, she told him their marriage was over. Craig and Sierra agreed to be friends, but it was clear they still wanted to be together and the only thing standing in their way was that Sierra was having Tonio's baby. Sierra gave birth to a baby boy named Bryant and it was discovered Craig was actually his father since his blood type did not match Tonio's. Craig and Sierra were thrilled that nothing was standing in their way now and they were finally married.

There happiness was short-lived when Craig was presumed dead in plane crash in Greece. About a year after Craig's death, Sierra moved to Montega to fight in the resistance. Sierra was kidnapped and presumed dead just as it was discovered Craig was actually alive and being held hostage in Greece. Sierra would not return to Oakdale for a year and half after she was finally rescued from her captors. By then, Craig was engaged to Ellie Snyder and was torn over which woman he should be with. Craig realized he wanted to be with his wife and son and they decided to make a fresh start away from Oakdale. They settled in Miami, Florida, which enabled Sierra to fly back and forth from Montega. Sierra and Craig later welcomed a second child, Lucinda Marie.

When they began having marital problems, Craig returned to Oakdale while Sierra stayed in Miami with the children. Craig continued to work for Lucinda and had a couple of brief flings, but eventually returned to his family. Years later, Craig and Sierra divorced and he once again moved back to Oakdale by himself.

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