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The location of Sierra Leone.
Unprocessed cassava root
Stir-fried okra

The cuisine of Sierra Leone refers to the cuisine and eating styles found in the Republic of Sierra Leone, a country in West Africa. Sierra Leonean cuisine includes cassava bread, fried fish, and okra soup.


Stews are a fundamental part of Sierra Leone's cuisine, with groundnut stew having been called the country's national dish.[1] Groundnut Stew consists of chicken and vegetables that are flavoured with ground nuts, such as cashews and peanuts. This is often served to families as a large meal.

Cassava leaves[edit]

Cassava leaves are an important cooking ingredient in Sierra Leone and considered the primary cash crop and staple crop,[2] especially within the Sherbro people.[1] In order to prepare them, the tenderest cassava leaves are washed, then either pounded very finely or bruised with a pestle and mortar, and then finely shredded before cooking. The leaves are added to palaver sauce, which is made using red palm oil, mixed with other ingredients, such as onions, pepper, fish, meat, and vegetables to create a stew. The stew is a favorite among Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad. To give the dish a more exquisite taste, coconut oil is used instead of palm oil.[3]

Ginger Beer[edit]

Ginger beer is typically a homemade non-alcoholic beverage, made out of pure ginger, and sweetened with sugar to taste. Cloves and lime juice are sometimes added for flavour.

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