Sierra Leonean parliamentary election, 1986

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Parliamentary elections were held in Sierra Leone on 29 and 30 May 1986. As the country was a one-party state at the time, the All People's Congress was the only party allowed to run. They were the last elections held under the 1978 constitution, as a 1991 referendum returned the country to multi-party politics.


The elections were held ahead of schedule following the early dissolution of parliament. This was reportedly done in order to "choose a Parliament that would reinforce the "new order" of economic reform and public probity advocated by the new President", Joseph Saidu Momoh.[1]

Since the 1982 elections the parliament had been enlarged from 104 to 127 members, with an additional 20 elected MPs and a further three presidential appointees. The APC nominated 335 candidates to contest the elections, which had been due to be held on 15 and 16 May.[1] There were around 2 million registered voters.


Party Seats
All People's Congress 105
Indirectly elected paramount chiefs 12
Presidential appointees 10
Total 127


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