Sierra Mágina

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Sierra Mágina
Pico Almadén visto desde Arbuniel.jpg
The Pico Almadén, seen from Arbuniel
Highest point
Peak Pico Mágina
Elevation 2,167 m (7,110 ft)
Coordinates 37°43′N 3°28′W / 37.717°N 3.467°W / 37.717; -3.467Coordinates: 37°43′N 3°28′W / 37.717°N 3.467°W / 37.717; -3.467
Sierra Mágina is located in Spain
Sierra Mágina
Sierra Mágina
Location in Spain
Location Granada province and Jaén province
Parent range Cordillera Subbética
Mountain type Limestone

The Sierra Mágina is a massif mostly in the province of Jaén (southern Spain), part of the Cordillera Subbética. The highest peak is the Pico Mágina, with an elevation of 2,164 m.


The boundaries of the massif are grossly defined by the Guadalquivir valley from the north, the Guardiana Menor from east, and Guadahortuna from south and the Guadalbullón from south.

Protected area[edit]

Most of the chain is included in a natural park, the Parque Natural de Sierra Mágina.[1]

The range can be reached from Albanchez de Mágina, Bedmar, Belmez de la Moraleda, Cambil, Huelma, Jimena, Jódar, Mancha Real, Pegalajar or Torres

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