Sierra Mojada

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Sierra Mojada
Municipal seat and city
Sierra Mojada is located in Mexico
Sierra Mojada
Sierra Mojada
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 27°18′N 103°41′W / 27.300°N 103.683°W / 27.300; -103.683Coordinates: 27°18′N 103°41′W / 27.300°N 103.683°W / 27.300; -103.683
Country  Mexico
State Coahuila
Municipality Sierra Mojada

Sierra Mojada is a city and seat of the municipality of Sierra Mojada, in the north-eastern Mexican state of Coahuila.[1] Local oral tradition, documented by the priest James Lienert, states that Ambrose Bierce, who disappeared without a trace in 1913, was executed by firing squad in the town cemetery.[2] Silver Bull Resources (SVBL) has a silver exploration project near the town


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