Sierra Point (Brisbane)

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Aerial view of Sierra Point in 2018

Sierra Point is a small peninsula that extends outward into the San Francisco Bay, located in Brisbane, San Mateo County, California (although the south part of the business park extends into South San Francisco). It is at approximately 37°40′27″N 122°23′04″W / 37.67417°N 122.38444°W / 37.67417; -122.38444. There are several class A office buildings at Sierra Point including the Dakin Building and the Hitachi Building. The Brisbane Marina is also situated here. The San Francisco Bay Trail runs along the waterfront of the peninsula and continues south into the Oyster Point area of South San Francisco.

An exit along the San Francisco Peninsula's principal highway, U.S. Highway 101 (the Bayshore Freeway), leads to "Sierra Point Parkway".

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