Sierra de Cazorla

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Sierra de Cazorla
Landscape in Sierra de Cazorla
Highest point
Peak Gilillo
Elevation 1,847 m (6,060 ft)
Coordinates 37°56′12″N 02°57′30″W / 37.93667°N 2.95833°W / 37.93667; -2.95833Coordinates: 37°56′12″N 02°57′30″W / 37.93667°N 2.95833°W / 37.93667; -2.95833
Sierra de Cazorla is located in Spain
Sierra de Cazorla
Sierra de Cazorla
Country Spain
Parent range Prebaetic System
Mountain type Limestone
Easiest route From Cazorla

Sierra de Cazorla is a mountain range of the Prebaetic System in the Jaén Province in Spain. It is named after the town of Cazorla. Its highest point is the 1,847 m high Gilillo peak.


This mountain range is located between the Sierra Nevada, the Sierra de Segura and Sierra del Pozo mountain ranges.[1] The easiest route to reach it is from Cazorla town.

The Santuario de la Virgen de Tíscar is a shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary located on a mountain pass in Sierra de Cazorla.[2]

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