Sierra de Chinajá

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Sierra de Chinajá
Highest point
Elevation 838 m (2,749 ft)
Length 20 km (12 mi) northwest to southeast
Width 4 km (2.5 mi)
Area 135 km2 (52 sq mi)
Country Guatemala
Department Alta Verapaz
Municipality Chisec
Age of rock Mesozoic (Cretaceous)
Type of rock Karstic

The Sierra de Chinajá is a low karstic mountain range in Guatemala. It is situated in the north of the department of Alta Verapaz and covers an area of approximately 135 km².[1] Its highest peak has an altitude of 838 m (15°58′23″N 90°12′36″W / 15.973129°N 90.210114°W / 15.973129; -90.210114).

The mountain range is isolated from other ranges and forms the last major topographic landform between the highlands of the Sierra de Chamá and the lowland plains of Petén.[1]

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