Sierra de Los Filabres

Coordinates: 37°13′25″N 02°32′46″W / 37.22361°N 2.54611°W / 37.22361; -2.54611
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Sierra de Los Filabres
View of Sierra de Los Filabres
Highest point
PeakCalar Alto
Elevation2,168 m (7,113 ft)
Coordinates37°13′25″N 02°32′46″W / 37.22361°N 2.54611°W / 37.22361; -2.54611
Sierra de Los Filabres is located in Spain
Sierra de Los Filabres
Sierra de Los Filabres
Location in Spain
LocationAlmería Province, Andalusia
Parent rangePenibaetic System
Mountain typeSchist and Quartzite

Sierra de Los Filabres is the largest mountain range in Almería Province, Andalusia, Spain, measuring 50 km (31 mi) in length.

Its highest point, the Calar Alto. is also the highest peak in the province of Almería and hosts an important astronomical observatory.[1]


The Sierra de Los Filabres belongs to the Penibaetic System and forms the southern limit of the Almanzora Valley. Besides its highest point, the 2,168 m high Calar Alto, other important peaks are the Tetica de Bacares or "La Tetica" (2,086 m), a breast-shaped hill,[2] and the Calar Gallinero (2,049 m).[3]

The Sierra de Los Filabres is an eastern prolongation of the Sierra de Baza mountain range in the same system. There are picturesque towns in this range, like Olula de Castro,[4] Chercos Viejo and Sierro, to name but a few. The easiest route to reach the range starts from Gérgal.[5]

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