Sierra de Utiel

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Sierra de Utiel
Embalse benageber.JPG
The Benagéber reservoir, in the Utiel Range area
Highest point
Elevation 1,306 m (4,285 ft)
Listing Mountains of the Valencian Community
Coordinates 39°37′16″N 0°58′48″W / 39.62111°N 0.98000°W / 39.62111; -0.98000Coordinates: 39°37′16″N 0°58′48″W / 39.62111°N 0.98000°W / 39.62111; -0.98000
Sierra de Utiel is located in Spain
Sierra de Utiel
Sierra de Utiel
Location Plana d'Utiel and Serrans, Valencian Community
Parent range Iberian System, Southeastern end
Mountain type Karstic (Jurassic)
Easiest route Drive from Utiel, Sinarcas, Loriguilla, Domeño, Chera, Benagéber or Calles

Sierra de Utiel[1] (Valencian: Serra d'Utiel) is a 16.45 km (10 mi) long mountain range in the Alt Palància, Alt Millars and Plana Baixa comarcas, Valencian Community, Spain. Its highest point is the 1,306 m high El Remedio (Valencian: El Remei). There is often snow in the winter.[2]

Minor ranges[edit]

There are four ranges running parallel to each other:

  • Sierra del Negrete, also known as Sierra del Remedio (Valencian: Serra del Remei), the main range, with the 1,306 m high El Remedio (Valencian: El Remei), where there is a shrine[3] and the Cerrochico (1,223 m).
  • The Sierra de Utiel proper with the 1,112 m high Cabeza del Fraile
  • The Sierra de Juan Navarro with the 1,177 m high Cinco Pinos, the Juan Navarro (1,167 m) and the Ropé (1,140 m), where both former ranges merge to meet the tectonic depression of Chera.
  • The Sierra de la Atalaya, whose highest summit is La Atalaya (1,157 m).

The Utiel Range has been declared a Site of Community Importance (SCI).[4]

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