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For the 19th dynasty officials see Siese the Elder and Siese the Younger.
Relief from the mastaba of Siese

Siese (Ancient Egyptian: zꜣ-ꜣst "son of Isis", Egyptological pronunciation: Zaaset) was a vizier and treasurer of the Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt. He was most likely in office under Amenemhat II (about 1929 to 1895 BCE).

Information about Siese is primarily derived from his mastaba, which was excavated by Jacques de Morgan around 1894/5 at Dahshur and rediscovered in 2008 by an Egyptian team. The mastaba was decorated with a palace facade and with scenes showing Siese and his family. Four panels with the image of Siese in front of an offering table were excavated by de Morgan and are now on display in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo. The burial chamber of the tomb is decorated with the Pyramid Texts. On the chamber, he is given the title "Treasurer".

From other objects it is possible to reconstruct elements of his career. He started as a chamberlain, then was appointed high steward, and later became treasurer. Towards the end of his career he was appointed vizier.


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