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Sightings Title Card.PNG
StarringTim White (host)
Theme music composerBill Bodine
ComposersChristopher L. Stone
Michael Tavera
Alan Ett
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons5
No. of episodes114 (list of episodes)
Running time30 minutes (seasons 1-2, 1996 behind the scenes special)
60 minutes (seasons 3-5, 1991–92 specials, 1996 home videos)
120 minutes (1998 In Depth and Beyond specials)
Production companiesWinkler/Daniel Productions (1991–93) (seasons 1-2, 60-minute specials)
The Berkeley Group (1991–92, specials only)
Paramount Network Television (1991–92) (60-minute specials)
Sather Gate Productions (1992–93) (season 2)
Wilshire Court Productions (1992–93) (season 2)
Ann Daniel Productions (1994–98) (seasons 4-5, 120-minute specials)
Fair Dinkum Productions (1994–98) (seasons 4-5, 120-minute specials)
Triage Entertainment (1996–98, season 5, 120-minute specials)
DistributorParamount Domestic Television (1994-1998, seasons 3-5, 120-minute specials)
CBS Television Distribution
Original networkFox (1991–93) (seasons 1-2)
First-run syndication (1994–96) (seasons 3-4)
Sci-Fi Channel (1996–98) (season 5)
Audio formatStereo
Original releaseOctober 17, 1991 (specials)
April 17, 1992 (series) –

September 11, 1997 (series)
December 23, 1998 (specials)
Followed byDanger in Our Skies: The New UFO Threat
Sightings: Heartland Ghost
Unexplained Mysteries

Sightings is an American paranormal and news television show that originally aired in the 1990s. The show began as a special titled The UFO Report: Sightings on October 17, 1991, as well as eventual follow up reports, Ghost Report and the Psychic Experience. The original Concept Creator and Supervising Producer of that hour special produced by Paramount for Fox TV was Linda Moulton Howe, an Emmy Award-winning TV producer and documentary filmmaker of TV specials about science and the environment. One of her Emmy Award-winning broadcasts was A Strange Harvest (KMGH-TV in May 1980), about the worldwide animal-mutilation mystery linked by law enforcement to extraterrestrial biological entities.

Show history[edit]

After the special broadcast to high ratings, it went forward into weekly TV production as the program Sightings. The show featured everything from UFOs to ghosts to Bigfoot in an investigative news format and was hosted by reporter Tim White. The show was created by Ann Daniels Productions, Fair Dinkum Productions (Winkler-Daniel Productions from 1991–93), and Paramount Domestic Television (Wilshire Court Productions from 1992–93) . Its executive producers were Henry Winkler and Ann Daniel.

The program began on Fox in 1992, in a 30-minute-long format that aired on Friday nights. When the show was put into syndication in 1994, it was extended to an hour-long format and was on at various times. In 1996, it was picked up by Sci Fi Channel. Sightings was cancelled in 1997 (although five special episodes aired in 1998), and reruns continued on the Sci Fi Channel until April 2003.

In 1998, the producers made a new UFO special that aired on UPN, called Danger in Our Skies: The New UFO Threat hosted by Jim Forbes.[1][2]

In 2003, a program called Unexplained Mysteries debuted in syndication. Although it did not have the same hosted news format like Sightings, it was produced by many of the same individuals involved with Sightings, and sometimes reused footage and graphics from the earlier program.


Sightings Detailed Episode Guide
Series Title Sightings
Broadcast History from October 17, 1991 to December 23, 1998
Number Of Episodes 120
Distributor Paramount Television
Network(s) FOX , Syndicated , Sci-Fi Channel
Run Time(s) Early Specials, 30 min.

Season 1-2 , 60 min.

Seasons 3-5, 60 min.

In Depth and Beyond Specials, 120 min.

Show Mottos "No Mystery Is Closed To An Open Mind""Beyond Imagination Lies The Truth"
Special Home Video Compilations issued by Paramount Home Video
Production # Title
80211 The Ghost Report
80212 The U.F.O. Report
80213 The Psychic Experience

Special Shows from 1991/92 - FOX (original 60 minute versions)

NOTE: These 3 60 minute specials should not be confused with the three Paramount Home Video issues above.

They have similar titles and subject matter but contain some different stories between them.

Production # Air Date Special Title
39101 & 39102 10-18-1991 The U.F.O. Report: Sightings, Evidence, Contact, Abductions, Cover-Up.
39103 & 39104 2-28-1992 Ghosts: Sightings, Hauntings, Contact, Evidence, Investigations, Contact
39105 & 39106   4-24-1992 Psychic Experiences: Precognition, Psychic Detectives, Mental Telepathy, Psychokinesis.

Special Shows from 1991/92  (30 minute versions of 60 minute shows above)

*these 30 minute versions appear to have only aired on Sci-Fi,

the airdates represent their first run on Sci-Fi.

Production # Air Date Special Title
39101 1-4-1998 The U.F.O. Report  # 1: Possibility of UFO's and new information.
39102 7-23-1998 The U.F.O. Report # 2: Alien Abductions.
39103 2-9-1998 Ghost Encounters: Atlanta spirits, New York haunted house.
39104 7-27-1998 Ghost Contact: Electronic recordings of sound and images.
39105 2-18-1998 Hidden Powers Of The Mind # 1: Precognition, psychic detectives.
39106 2-11-1998 Hidden Powers Of The Mind # 2: Mental telepathy, psychokinesis.

Season One - 1992 - FOX  (30 minutes)

Production # Air Date Story Titles
39107 4-17-1992 Near Death Experience: Life after death and near death experiences.
39108 5-1-1992 Psychic Healing: Unexpected recoveries from life-threatening illnesses.
39109   5-8-1992 Mysteries Of The Earth: Forces, Evidence, Markings, Sacred Places.
39110 5-15-1992 U.F.O. Contact: Research, Abduction, Surveillance, Contact
39111  6-12-1992 Monsters: Bigfoot, Lizardman, Loch Ness Monster, Ogopogo
39112 6-26-1992 Magazine I: Vampires, Visions Of Death, Bermuda Triangle.
39113   7-10-1992 Magazine II: Vision Of Murder, Men In Black, Awakening
39114 7-17-1992 Magazine III: Curses, Past Lives, Ghosts.
39115 7-31-1992 Magazine IV: Hauntings, U.F.O.s, Superstitions.
39116   8-14-1992 Magazine V: Evidence From Beyond, Gateway To Oblivion, Soul Exchange
39201   8-21-1992 Back From The Dead, Hauntings, Millboro

Season Two - 1992/93 - FOX  (30 minutes)

Production # Air Date Story Titles
39203 9-18-1992 Werewolf, Paranormal Photography, Ghost Update
39204 9-25-1992 Encounter In Space, Marfa Lights, Ghost Update
39205 10-2-1992 Lizzie Borden, Deliverance, S.E.T.I. Update
39206 10-9-1992 The Uninvited, Haunted Family, The Curse Of Christopher Columbus
39207 10-16-1992 Aliens Among Us, Top Secret UFO, Ghost Investigation.
39208 10-30-1992 Halloween: Scotland's House Of Horror, Vampires, Witchcraft
39209   11-6-1992 Epidemic of Evil, Garden Grove Ghost
39210 11-13-1992 Crop Circles, Royal Curse, Lake Champlain Monster
39211 11-20-1992 Russian U.F.O. Investigation, Ghost Of Whitechapel, Iceman Update
39202 11-27-1992 Alcatraz, Mass Sightings, U.F.O. Update
39212   12-4-1992 Deadly Abduction, Lake Champlain Monster, Royal Curse Update
39213 12-11-1992 Hell's Gate, Angels, Astrology Update
39214 1-8-1993 Astrological Predictions, Close Encounters, Spy House Investigation
39215 1-15-1993 Voodoo, Russian Psychics, Black Hole Update.
39216 2-5-1993 Ghost Writer
39217 2-12-1993 Searching The Skies, Ouija, Phobos II Update
39218 2-19-1993 Cults, Super Humans, Mind Control, Ghost Writer Update
39219 2-26-1993 Scranton UFO Mystery, Ghost Molester, Fire In The Sky.
39220 3-12-1993 Mass Abductions, Seizure Alert Dogs, Prophecies.
39221   4-9-1993 Countdown To Doomsday, Russian Top Gun, Ghost Molester Update.
39223 4-30-1993 Psychic Detectives Special: Psychic detectives assist police in Key West FL and Milwaukee WI.
39222   5-7-1993 UFO Cover-Up, Missing Link, Wisconsin UFOs.
39224   5-14-1993 Ghost Special: Manressa Castle, Viewer Phone Calls, Anatomy Of A Haunting.
39225   5-21-1993 U.F.O. Special: U.F.O. Hot Spots, Hoaxing, Cattle Mutilations, Space Growth.

Season Three - 1994/95 - SYNDICATED  (60 minutes)

Production # Air Date Story Titles
3001   9-11-1994 Heartland Ghost, Gulf Breeze Encounters, A Sculptor's Gift, Black Holes
3002     9-18-1994 Heartland Ghost Update, Shared Memory Abduction, Watching The Skies, Schoolroom Angel, Colorado Cattle Mutilations, Ancient Creatures.
3003       9-25-1994 Patterns Of Denial, Pet Interpreter, Ice Circles, A Vision Of Murder, True Believers, Mars Mission Cover-Up.
3004     10-2-1994 Sasquatch, A Gift From The Light, Intuition, Abduction: Horror Or Hype, Future Life Progression, Crop Circle Mystery.
3005 10-9-1994 Tunguska, Embracing The Light, Human Candles, Crop Circles, Whaley House, Haunted High.
3006 10-16-1994 Psychic Eye, Prediction Update, Dragon Project, Making Of A Hoax, Power Of Prayer, S.E.T.I. Resurrected.
3007 10-23-1994 Ghost Of Berry Pomeroy Castle, It Came From Outer Space, Ghost Hunt, Santeria, Moon Madness, Water Witches.
3008 10-30-1994 U.F.O. Confrontation: Iran, Death In The Desert, Heartland Ghost Investigation, Gift Of Life, Heartland Ghost Investigation.
3009 11-6-1994 Heartland Ghost Investigation, Nessie, Height 611, To Swim With Dolphins.
3010 11-13-1994 U.F.O. Confrontation: Mansfield, Bodega Bay Ghost, Prophecy Of Hope, Dream Murder, Power To Heal, Encounters In Space.
3011 11-20-1994 Apocalypse Now, A Mother's Love, Montreal Mass Sighting, Baby Jane Doe, Ishii.
3012 11-27-1994 Ghost Of Brookdale Lodge, Gulf Breeze Update, Spontaneous Recall, Murder On Route 2, Message From Stephen, Sci-Fi Prophets.
3013 12-4-1994 Avebury Mystery Lights, Alien Evolution, A Sculptor's Gift, Miner's Revenge, A Child's Premonition, The Big WOW
3014 1-15-1995 Disinformation, Russian Psychics, Crop Circle Update, Trail Of Death, Guided Imagery, Quake Sense
3015 1-22-1995 Time Warp, Healing Mind, New Mexico U.F.O. Mystery, Murder In Nags Head, Seventh Sense, Cattle Mutilation Update
3016 1-29-1995 Heartland Aftermath, Curses, Sprites And Blue Jets, Gaia's Revenge, Outback Abduction, Heartland Online
3017 2-5-1995 U.F.O.'s Over F.D.R., Heartland Aftermath, Multiple Mystery, Never Forget, Hyperspace, Dream Murder Update
3018   2-12-1995 UFO Confrontation: Kentucky, SHC Update, The Final Gift, Psychic Evidence, Restless Spirits
3019 2-19-1995 Mexico Mass Sightings, Twinless Twins, Conspiracy Of Silence, Cloning, Animal Communication
3020 2-26-1995 Idaho U.F.O. Flap, Coma Healer, Perfect Harmony, Search For Danny, Haunted Knickerbocker, Mexico Mass Sightings Update
3021 4-16-1995 Top Secret Projects, Roswell Revisited, K-911, A Call For Help, Lady In White, Taos Hum
3022 4-23-1995 Allagash Abduction, Future Shock, Baleroy Ghost, Touched By Angels, U.F.O. Home Videos
3023 4-30-1995 My Past Life, Heartland Ghost, Clear Intent, Snake Church, Transformed By The Light
3024 5-7-1995 U.F.O. Contact: The Holyland, Saved By Angels, Bigfoot Update, Ghosts Of Gettysburg, Gaia's Revenge, U.F.O. Protocols
3025 5-14-1995 What's Inside Hangar 18, Monticello Murder, Waiting Room For The Soul, Michigan Abduction, Luck, Spark Of Life In Space
3026   5-21-1995 Saucers Are Real, Psychic Trauma, Walk Ins, Obeah, Mexico Update, Heal Thyself

Season Four - 1995/96 - SYNDICATED  (60 minutes)

Production # Air Date Story Titles
4027 9-10-1995 Intruder On The Range, What Happened To Debbie?, IN THE NEWS, The Roswell Autopsy, A Spirit Of Love, Update - Bigfoot In Ohio
4028 9-17-1995 Psychic Cop, Ica Mystery Stones, IN THE NEWS, The Shag Harbour Incident, Haunted Queen Mary, Sightings Online
4029 9-24-1995 Poor Souls, U.F.O. Encounter: Shikmona, IN THE NEWS, The Burning Within, U.F.O. Initiative
4030 10-1-1995 Black Forest Haunting, The Mars Complex, IN THE NEWS, Restless Warrior, Update - U.F.O. Confrontation (Iran)
4031 10-8-1995 Generational Abduction, Blind Sight, IN THE NEWS, Amazing Grace, Haunted Catacombs, Update - Saucers Are Real
4032 10-15-1995 Silent Intruder, Psychic Constable, IN THE NEWS, Dream Vision, Stalked By Spirits, Update - Nellis A.F.B.
4033 10-22-1995 Spirit Of Oregon, Tesla's Death Ray, IN THE NEWS, Consumed By Vampires, Anatomy Of An Autopsy, Update - Nessie Lives
4034 10-29-1995 U.F.O. Encounter At 30,000 Feet, One Missing Link, IN THE NEWS, Miracle On I-74, A Vision Through Time, Update - Crop Circles
4035 11-5-1995 Contact In Colorado, Boomtown Ghost, IN THE NEWS, Miracle At Betania, Update - Prophecy
4036 11-12-1995 Shag Harbour Investigation, Angel Of Fire, IN THE NEWS, The Curse Of H-3, Spiritual Warfare, Update - Sightings On Line (Roswell Film)
4037 11-19-1995 Return To Black Forest, Coming From The Light, IN THE NEWS, Shag Harbour Investigation, Update - Gaia
4038 1-14-1996 Attack On Washington, Spiritual Exorcist, IN THE NEWS, Wandering Souls, Whitley Strieber's Breakthrough, Update: Visions Of Mary.
4039 1-21-1996 Contact At Socorro, Shaman Healer, IN THE NEWS, Reclaiming The Farm, Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind, Update - Gaia's Revenge
4040 1-28-1996 Without A Trace, IN THE NEWS, Vision Quest, The Doomsday Machine, Update - U.F.O. Investigation
4041 2-4-1996 Abducted, IN THE NEWS, South Bend Mystery, Renovation Haunting, Update - Star Is Born
4042 2-11-1996 Echoes From The Battlefield, Psychic Espionage, IN THE NEWS, Crash Of '62, Candomble, Update - Black Forest
4043 2-18-1996 A Search For The Truth, Murder On The Interstate, IN THE NEWS, Voices From Beyond, The Sci-Fi Prophet, Update - Contact In Israel
4044 3-10-1996 Murder For Hire, Healing The Causes Of Violence, IN THE NEWS, Boomtown Revisited, Ancient Visitors, Update - Martian Canals
4045 3-17-1996 Trapped In Time, Miracle Child, IN THE NEWS, Messengers Of Destiny, Sacred Sites, Update - Bigfoot
4046 4-14-1996 Edwards Encounter, My Two Lives, IN THE NEWS, Paranormal Politics, Spirit Message, Update - Face On Mars
4047 4-21-1996 Messages From Beyond, Cluster U.F.O., IN THE NEWS, Psychic Warrior, Update - N.D.E.
4048 4-28-1996 Her Name Was Cathy, The New Area 51, IN THE NEWS, The Great Gadsden, Master Healer, Update - Lost Civilizations
4049 * 5-5-1996 Syndication or 10-25-1996 Sci-Fi Gallows Ghost, Re-Wiring The Brain, IN THE NEWS, Incident At Exeter, Healing Wisdom, Update - U.F.O.'s: Japan, Sightings Online
4050 * 5-12-1996 Syndication or 11-1-1996 Sci-Fi Ruwa Re-Examined, Healing Hands, IN THE NEWS, Fire From Heaven, Simulated O.B.E., Update: Ghost Investigation

* NOTE: There is some reason to suspect that episodes 4049 & 4050, despite their 4th season production numbers, may not have aired in syndication but rather have had  their initial airing on The Sci-Fi Channel as part of the 5th season of Sightings (the 5th season was exclusive to The Sci-Fi Channel). For this reason, we've provided two airdates for each episode.

Season Five - 1996/97 - SCI-FI CHANNEL  (60 minutes)

* NOTE: Episodes 4051 & 4052 (formerly 5051 & 5052), despite their 4th season production numbers, actually seem to have had  their initial airing on The Sci-Fi Channel as part of the 5th season of Sightings (the 5th season was exclusive to The Sci-Fi Channel).

Production # Air Date Story Titles
4051 * 9-19-1996 Hunt House Haunting, Solar Obliteration, IN THE NEWS, The Message, Love Ties, Update - Altered States
4052 * 9-26-1996 Deliberate Deception, A Psychic's Vision, IN THE NEWS, (title unknown), Highway 666, Update - Silent Intruder
5053 10-4-1996 Purging The Spirits, IN THE NEWS, My Brother's Keeper, The Brazilian E.T. Case, Millennium Watch: A Millennium Primer
5054 10-11-1996 The Iron Woman, The Way Of The Explorer, IN THE NEWS, A Time To Remember, Update - Crop Circles
5055 10-18-1996 Mantell Re-examined, Hands Of Remembrance, IN THE NEWS, Olivas Haunting, Omen In The Sky, Update - Life On Mars
5056 11-8-1996 Silent Vulcans, The Conversion Of Nick Pope, IN THE NEWS, The Haunted Jerome Grand, Reprogramming The Brain, Update - Curse Of H-3
5057 12-6-1996 Autopsy: Exposing A Fake, Red Lion Haunting, IN THE NEWS, Shadow Of Evil, Threat From Space, Update - Missing Soul Boy
5058 1-22-1997 The Watchers, Life Before Life, IN THE NEWS, Ghosts Of Chillingham Castle, Lab Of Consciousness, Millennium Watch - Mayan Prophecy
5059 100th Episode! 2-5-1997 The Majestic 12 Documents, Sao Paolo Haunting, IN THE NEWS, Vanished, The Secret Of The Sphinx, Update - Cattle Mutilation
5060 2-26-1997 House Of Plenty, IN THE NEWS, 1947, Healing Harps, Update - U.F.O.'s: The Holy Land
5061 3-5-1997 U.F.O. Encounter: Argentina, Cancer Alert Dogs, IN THE NEWS, House Of Plenty, Update - U.F.O.'s
5062 3-12-1997 The Heartland Ghost, Echo Missile Encounter, IN THE NEWS, Crop Circle Video Mystery, Healing With Music, Millennium Watch - Quatrain 72
5063 4-9-1997 Restless Spirits, IN THE NEWS, Foo Fighters, Unexpected Visitors, Millennium Watch - The Spiritual Quest
5064 5-21-1997 Case Closed, Angel Of Death, IN THE NEWS, Restless Spirits, The Call Of Sasquatch, Update - Hubble Discoveries
5065 6-4-1997 Encounter Over England, The Way Of The Explorer, IN THE NEWS, School Spirits, Monster Of The Andes, Mars: The Next Step
5066 6-18-1997 Ohio's Area 51, Anyone Can See The Light, IN THE NEWS, Chicago's Most Haunted, Mysteries From Above, Update - Lunar Discoveries
5067 7-17-1997 The Oak Ridge Mystery, Sacred Healing, IN THE NEWS, Exposing Project Blue Book, The Soul Catcher, Update - Angels
5068 8-21-1997 Black Swan Haunting, IN THE NEWS, Klinger Encounter, Spirits In The Garden, Update - U.F.O.'s In Korea
5069 9-4-1997 To Catch A Killer, Unearthing Atlantis, IN THE NEWS, White Lady Of Avenel, Mysterious Ley Lines, Millennium Watch: Divining The Future
5070 9-11-1997 Incident At Cherry Creek, Power Of Chi, IN THE NEWS, Spirit Photography, Profilers, Update: Omen In The Sky


Production # Air Date Title(s)
ISAB 9-20-1996 Inside Sightings And Beyond: A behind-the-scenes look at Sightings with Tim White, Carla Wohl, Henry Winkler, Ann Daniel and more.

SIGHTINGS: IN DEPTH AND BEYOND 2 hour specials (some information incomplete)

Production # Air Date Title(s)
IDAB1   1-17-1998 In Depth And Beyond: The 100 Year Cover-Up: U.F.O.'s: Is Seeing Believing, The Saucers Arrive, Roswell, The UFO Cold War, The Sightings Increase, Authorities Who Believe, Now The World Knows, The Evidence Is Mounting.
IDAB2 3-14-1998 In Depth And Beyond: Secrets Of Alien Abduction: Case studies show similarities between claims of alien abduction.
IDAB3 6-13-1998 In Depth And Beyond: Bioperfection: Building The New Human Race: Stephen Hawking, cryonics volunteers and people with prostheses predict changes to the quality and span of peoples' lives.
IDAB4   10-25-1998 In Depth And Beyond: The Living Dead: Speaking From The Grave: Beyond Death, Watch The Kid, White Bird, A Child's Past Life, The Heartland Haunting.
IDAB5 12-23-1998 In Depth And Beyond: Fire In The Brain: Unleashing The Power Of The Mind: Law-enforcement and government agencies begin to validate clairvoyance, premonition and precognition.
SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast airedNetwork
Fox specials3October 17, 1991 (1991-10-17)April 24, 1992 (1992-04-24)Fox
111April 17, 1992 (1992-04-17)August 21, 1992 (1992-08-21)
224September 18, 1992 (1992-09-18)May 21, 1993 (1993-05-21)
326September 11, 1994 (1994-09-11)May 21, 1995 (1995-05-21)Syndication
424September 10, 1995 (1995-09-10)May 12, 1996 (1996-05-12)
520September 19, 1996 (1996-09-19)September 11, 1997 (1997-09-11)Sci-Fi Channel
Specials6September 20, 1996 (1996-09-20)December 23, 1998 (1998-12-23)
FilmOctober 27, 2002 (2002-10-27)Showtime

Home media[edit]

There have been three home video releases of the Sightings television show: Sightings: The UFO Report, Sightings: The Ghost Report, and Sightings: The Psychic Experience. The videos were repackaged segments from season one and two of the television show. All three videos were originally released in 1996 on VHS tapes.


  • Two books were released in 1997 related to the Sightings television show - Sightings: Beyond Imagination Lies the Truth and Sightings: UFOs.
  • One software product was released related to the Sightings television show called Sightings: UFOPedia. The software included pictures, reports, footage, and never before seen footage from the show in an encyclopedia format.
  • A line of clothing was released related to the Sightings television show that included T-shirts. The shirts would have either a ghost, alien, or psychic on the front with the word Sightings.
  • Textile posters were sold related to the "Sightings" television show produced by Heart Rock S.r.l. - Italy. The posters were silk and featured the "Sightings" logo along with the illustrations that were on the VHS tape box covers (an alien, a ghost, or a psychic). The posters measured 75 x 110 cm.

Sightings: Heartland Ghost[edit]

In 2002, one of the stories featured on Sightings became the subject of a television movie on the Showtime network, called Sightings: Heartland Ghost. The movie tells the story of a Sightings crew sent to investigate a poltergeist haunting, eventually becoming victimized by the ghost themselves. The movie was later released on DVD.[3]


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