Sigismund Felix Freiherr von Ow-Felldorf

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Sigismund Felix Freiherr von Ow-Felldorf.

Sigismund Felix Freiherr von Ow-Felldorf (18 October 1855 in Berchtesgaden – 11 May 1936 in Passau) was the Bishop of Passau, Germany from 1907 until his death in 1936.

He was first consecrated by Bishop Ignatius von Senestréy and ordained a priest on 25 July 1884 and served as a parish priest in Regensburg, Germany.

On 11 January, 1902, aged 46, he was appointed an Auxiliary Bishop of Regensburg and a month later, he was named Titular Bishop of Arethusa.

On 18 October, 1906, aged 51, he was appointed Bishop of Passau and installed in March 1907. He served until his death on 11 May, 1936, aged 80.

He was a priest for 51 years and a bishop for 34 years.

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