Sigma1 Ursae Majoris

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Sigma1 Ursae Majoris
Sigma1 Ursae Majoris is located in 100x100
Sigma1 Ursae Majoris

Location of σ1 Ursae Majoris (circled)
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Ursa Major
Right ascension 09h 08m 23.6s
Declination +66° 52' 24"
Apparent magnitude (V) +5.15
Spectral type K5III
Distance 500 ± 45 ly
(153 ± 14 pc)
Other designations
σ1 Ursae Majoris, σ1 UMa, Sigma1 UMa, 11 Ursae Majoris, BD+67 573, GC 12576, HD 77800, HIP 44857, HR 3609, PPM 16910, SAO 14769.
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Sigma1 Ursae Majoris (Sigma1 UMa, σ1 Ursae Majoris, σ1 UMa) is an orange K-type giant with an apparent magnitude of +5.15. It is approximately 500 light years from Earth.