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Sigma Alimentos SA de CV.
Industry Refrigerated and Frozen Food
Founded 1980
Headquarters Monterrey, Mexico
Key people
Armando Garza Sada (Chairman), Mario Páez (CEO)
Products Ham, Cheese, Yogurt, Prepared Meals
Revenue $2.2 Billion USD
Number of employees
Website [1]

Sigma Alimentos is the largest producer and distributor of refrigerated and frozen food in Mexico, and an affiliate of Mexican industrial holding company ALFA .

The company's main activities are the production, distribution and sale of processed meat, cheese, yogurt and prepared meals. In Mexico, Sigma Alimentos markets its products through major supermarkets, as well as mom-and-pop outlets under brand names such as FUD, San Rafael, Chalet, Noche Buena, Chen, La Villita, among others. The company also sells products under licensed brands such as Yoplait (yogurts) and Oscar Mayer (processed meat).

Sigma Alimentos has 30 production facilities: 13 for processed meats, 13 for dairy products, 3 for prepared meals and one for beverages. Products are channeled through more than 100 distribution centers and a refrigerated distribution network. The company's facilities hold various certifications, like ISO 9002, TIF (Mexico), and USDA (for US-bound products).

According to the FAS, Sigma Alimentos holds a 41.5% market share in chilled processed foods in Mexico, 17.1% in cheese products, and 15.5% in the ready-to-eat meals segment.

Sigma Alimentos operates in the US through Sigma Foods, which is headquartered in Houston, Texas and Bar-S Foods, based in Phoenix, which it acquired in September 2010.

The company has presence in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and the US.

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