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Sigma Alpha Sorority
Founded January 26, 1978; 38 years ago (1978-01-26)
The Ohio State University
Type professional
Motto Women Excelling in Agriculture


Flower Yellow Chrysanthemum
Jewel Emerald
Mascot Baby Bull
Philanthropy Agriculture in the Classroom, Heifer International
Members More than 11,000 collegiate

Sigma Alpha (ΣΑ) is a professional agricultural sorority.


On January 26, 1978, five students, Ann Huling Mathews, Cindie Davis, Marilyn Burns, Jennifer McMillan and Amy Mathews, founded Sigma Alpha at the Ohio State University. Since that time, Sigma Alpha has become a national organization consisting of 60 collegiate chapters and 32 alumni chapters. Today, more than 11,000 members have been initiated into Sigma Alpha Sorority.

The sorority was named Sigma Alpha for "Sisters in Agriculture." The sorority official colors are emerald and maize, the mascot is the baby bull, the official flower is the yellow chrysanthemum, and the symbolic jewel is the emerald. The motto is Women Excelling in Agriculture. The objective of Sigma Alpha is to promote its members' roles in all facets of agriculture and natural resources.

Sigma Alpha is a member of the Professional Fraternity Association (PFA), a national organization of professional Greek letter organizations. Sigma Alpha Sorority is an affiliate of Agriculture in the Classroom, which is also the sorority's national philanthropy project. It belongs to the Consortium of Collegiate Agricultural Organizations.

Collegiate chapters[edit]

Alpha - The Ohio State University

Beta - Purdue University

Gamma - Michigan State University

Delta - Iowa State University

Epsilon - Pennsylvania State University

Zeta - Louisiana State University

Eta - University of Connecticut

Theta - University of Tennessee

Iota - University of Arkansas

Kappa - Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Lambda - University of California, Davis

Nu - Colorado State University

Xi - Oregon State University

Omicron - Truman State University

Pi - Virginia Tech

Rho - Texas Tech University

Sigma - Western Illinois University

Tau - Clemson University

Upsilon - North Dakota State University

Chi - West Virginia University

Psi - Middle Tennessee State University

Omega - South Dakota State University

Alpha Beta - Northwest Missouri State University

Alpha Gamma - Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Alpha Delta - University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Alpha Epsilon - University of Wyoming

Alpha Zeta - Tarleton State University

Alpha Eta - Stephen F. Austin State University

Alpha Theta - North Carolina State University

Alpha Iota - California State University, Chico

Alpha Kappa - University of Delaware

Alpha Lambda - Delaware Valley College

Alpha Mu - University of Illinois

Alpha Xi - Missouri State University

Alpha Omicron - University of Georgia

Alpha Pi - Texas A&M University

Alpha Rho - University of Arizona

Alpha Tau - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Alpha Upsilon - Murray State University

Alpha Phi - California State University, Fresno

Alpha Chi - University of Missouri

Alpha Psi - Cornell University

Alpha Omega - Kansas State University

Beta Alpha - University of Maryland-College Park

Beta Gamma - University of Florida

Beta Delta - University of Wisconsin-Platteville(largest)

Beta Epsilon - University of Idaho

Beta Zeta - University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Beta Eta - Auburn University

Beta Theta - University of Tennessee-Martin

Beta Iota - Florida Southern College

Beta Kappa - University of New Hampshire

Beta Lambda - University of Rhode Island

Beta Mu - Fort Hays State University

Beta Nu - Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Beta Xi - Illinois State University

Beta Omicron - University of Kentucky

Beta Pi - Sam Houston State University

Beta Rho - Southern Arkansas University


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