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Sigma Beauty
Industry Consumer goods
Founded 2008
Founder Simone Oliveira Xavier
Rene Xavier Filho
Headquarters Mendota Heights, Minnesota
Products Cosmetics & beauty
Number of employees

Sigma Beauty (also known as Sigma) is an international cosmetics company, selling brushes, makeup, and accessories.


Sigma was founded in 2008 by Brazilian natives Simone Oliveira Xavier and her husband, Rene Xavier Filho, in their basement in New Brighton, Minnesota.[1] They serve as Executive Creative Director and Chief Executive Officer, respectively.[2] Oliveira, a former veterinarian[3] who holds a PhD in infectious diseases, was previously working as a clinical professor at the University of Minnesota. She received two patents in the field of swine medicine.[4][5] Filho is a civil engineer and longtime entrepreneur.[6][7]

The couple, who moved to Minnesota in 1999,[8] combined their knowledge of engineering and scientific research to pioneer the company, which began as a way to simply export American cosmetics to family members in Brazil.[1] Seeing an opening to expand, Oliveira and Filho quickly grew the business, designing brushes and sending products to influential fashion bloggers.[6]


Sigma’s brushes and kits are designed in the United States.[9] Some of their items include the Sigma Dry‘n Shape®, a patented brush care product that dries and reshapes brushes 4 to 6 hours after cleaning them;[7] a cruelty free line of brushes made with synthetic fibers, for improved makeup application;[10] and a patented glove one can use to wash brushes.[3]

Their products have been recommended by American beauty magazines and websites, such as Allure,[11] InStyle,[12] Glamour,[13] Cosmopolitan[14] and PopSugar,[15] as well as international outlets such as Elle Taiwan,[16] InStyle Germany[17] and Vogue India.[18] Furthermore, Sigma Beauty’s brushes have won awards throughout the fashion and beauty industries, including Allure’s 2016 Best of Beauty Awards, winning in the “Best Tools” category for its F80 Flat Kabuki™ brush,[19] “Best Eye Makeup Brushes” and “Best Face Makeup Brushes” in Nylon Magazine's 2015 Beauty Hit List Awards.[20]

Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, has said that Sigma’s are one of his favorite lines of brushes, and that he and Kardashian love the Sigma extravaganza body brush in particular.[21]


In December 2012, Sigma opened its first physical store in the Mall of America in Minnesota,[22][23] the most visited shopping mall in the US annually.[24] The store sells Sigma brushes, kits and makeup.[8]


Sigma Beauty products are sold by many luxury and fashion retailers in the U.S., such as Nordstrom, Von Maur, Urban Outfitters and Lulu’s. Sigma Beauty products are sold globally by authorized retailers, such as Sephora SE Asia, Douglas, Look Fantastic and ZALORA, among many others.[25]


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