Signal of Peace

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Signal of Peace
Artist Cyrus Edwin Dallin
Year 1890
Type Bronze
Dimensions 150 cm × 76 cm × 150 cm (5 ft × 2.5 ft × 5 ft)
Location Chicago, Illinois, United States
Coordinates 41°56′00″N 87°37′53″W / 41.9332°N 87.63145°W / 41.9332; -87.63145

A Signal of Peace is a bronze equestrian sculpture by Cyrus Edwin Dallin, a part of a four-piece series called The Epic of the Indian. It is located in Lincoln Park, Chicago.


The sculpture was exhibited at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition. It was dedicated on June 9, 1894. The sculpture cost $10,000, and was donated by Lambert Tree. [1]


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