Signatories of Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence

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The Unilateral Declaration of Independence of Rhodesia from the United Kingdom was signed by 12 ministers of the Rhodesian Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Ian Smith, on 11 November 1965. Four junior members of the Cabinet—two ministers without portfolio, the chief whip and the deputy minister of information—did not sign, but were included in the official photograph.[1]


The 12 signatories were:[1]

Image Signatory Position
Ian Smith 1950s.jpg Ian Smith Prime Minister
C Dupont.jpg Clifford Dupont Deputy Prime Minister

Minister of External Affairs

Minister of Defence

The 7th Duke of Montrose in 1967.jpg His Grace The 7th Duke of Montrose Minister of Agriculture
Jack Howman Minister of Tourism

Minister of Information

William Harper 1965.jpg William Harper Minister of Internal Affairs

Minister of Public Service

Lardner-Burke.jpg Desmond Lardner-Burke Minister of Justice and Law and Order
Ian Finlay McLean Minister of Health

Minister of Labour and Social Welfare

Jack Mussett Minister of Housing and Local Government
George Rudland Minister of Trade, Industry, and Development
A. P. Smith Minister of Education
Phillip van Heerden Minister of Mines, Lands, and Water Development
J Wrathall.jpg John Wrathall Minister of Finance

Minister of Posts

Four junior members of the Cabinet did not sign, but were included in the official photograph:[1]

Image Signatory Position
Ian Dillon Chief Government Whip
Lance Smith Minister without portfolio
Andrew Dunlop Minister without portfolio
P. K. van der Byl.jpg P. K. van der Byl Deputy Minister of Information

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