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Signavio GmbH
Industry Business process modeling
Founded 2009 (2009)
Founder Gero Decker, Torben Schreiter, Nicolas Peters, Willi Tscheschner, Mathias Weske
Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Products Signavio Process Editor

Signavio is a Berlin- and Silicon Valley-based software vendor in the Business Process Management (BPM) space. Its main product, the Signavio Process Editor is a web-based business process modeling tool, which was launched in May 2009. The product enables the creation of process diagrams using the Business Process Model and Notation and it is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) and for On-Premises installations.

Signavio Process Editor[edit]

Since its creation, Signavio has exclusively focused on business process modeling. The Signavio Process Editor builds on the observation that business process initiatives are more successful the more stakeholders get involved in process design.[1] In this context, the tool allows to share process models and invite others to comment on diagrams. It is a repository-based Business Process Analysis (BPA) tool that allows to manage process architectures. It interfaces with process automation platforms through BPMN 2.0, XPDL as well as platform-specific formats and connectors.

Among its key features are

  • Process modeling using a graphical editor and QuickModel, a spreadsheet-oriented process editing mode
  • Simulation of processes for identifying bottlenecks or evaluating alternatives
  • Model repository for building multi-level process architectures, version management and reuse of objects
  • Collaboration features for sharing process diagrams, collecting feedback and enforcing approval workflows
  • Publication of process documentation using reporting mechanisms and an integrated process portal

The cloud service is a multi-tenant installation that offers online workspaces to organizations with a subscription model. The Signavio Process Editor is also available for on-premises installations with a traditional license purchase and support/maintenance model. The company offers a 30-day free trial account. Registration is possible here.

Signavio Workflow[edit]

In March 2013, Signavio announced a €1.2m investment in Effektif, a process automation platform.[2] In May 2016, Signavio announced renaming Effektif to Signavio Workflow, completing its incorporation in Signavio’s product portfolio.[3]

Like the Signavio Process Editor, Signavio Workflow is a cloud service with a subscription model,[4] and also offers on-premises installations.[5]

BPM Academic Initiative[edit]

Signavio holds strong ties with the academic BPM community and has sponsored many academic conferences. Together with a range of academic partners, Signavio has launched the BPM Academic Initiative in late 2009. The initiative supports academic teaching and research in the field of Business Process Management.[6]

As part of that initiative, Signavio provides a cloud platform for students and lecturers that can be used free of charge. The platform includes most features of the commercial Signavio Process Editor and is used by 20,000 modeling users worldwide. The platform also includes several academic prototypes, e.g. in the areas of process simulation, process model quality and process model refactoring.


The company was founded by a team of alumnae from Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam, Germany.[7]

Prior to Signavio, the founders were driving the development of the world's first web modeler for BPMN at HPI. This technology, known as the "Oryx project", was published under an Open Source license and served as blueprint for the Signavio Process Editor. Following the creation of Signavio, the Oryx project was deprecated and is not maintained further since.

Signavio is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. In 2012, the company has incorporated in the United States as Signavio Inc. Its US office is located in Sunnyvale, CA.

The company is fully owned by the founders and staff. Since its foundation, the company has consistently grown at a rate of 100% or more.


  • In June 2011, the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology named Signavio "ICT startup of the Year".[8]
  • In November 2011, Signavio was selected to be one of the first participants of the "German Silicon Valley Accelerator" program.[9]


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