Signs of Change

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Signs of Change
ATF SignsOfChange.jpg
Studio album by After the Fire
Released April 1978
Recorded ICC Studios, Eastbourne, England 1977
Genre Progressive rock, Christian rock
Length 42:04 (LP)
74:46 (CD)
Label Rapid Records & RoughMix
After the Fire chronology
Signs of Change
Laser Love
(1979)Laser Love1979

Signs of Change is a progressive rock album by After the Fire. Released 1978, after attempting to get a record contract, the band managed to get this made themselves at a time when this was all but unheard of. What was more of interest as that it sold out its initial 2000 copy run within two weeks with little or no media publicity. The band went on to change musical direction, leaving behind most of the progressive stylistic markers and redefining themselves as new wave. With a contract from Epic they went on to more success throughout the 1980s.

They recorded mainly at ICC Studios in Eastbourne, England (engineers: Andy Kidd and Dave Aston).



Others (on bonus tracks)[edit]

Track listing[edit]

Original LP[edit]

  • Disc - Total time 42:04

Side 1

  1. "Dance of the Marionette" –07:00
  2. "Back to the Light" –04:30
  3. "Now That I've Found" –08:10

Side 2

  1. "Signs of Change" –08:04
  2. "Jigs" –02:58
  3. "Pilgrim" –11:22


  • Disc - Total time 74:46
  1. "Dance of the Marionette" –07:00
  2. "Back to the Light" –04:30
  3. "Now That I've Found" –08:10
  4. "Signs of Change" –08:04
  5. "Jigs" –02:58
  6. "Pilgrim" –11:22
    Bonus tracks (available only on the CD):
  7. "Samaritan Woman" –11:01
  8. "Dreamaway" –09:50
  9. "Hallelujah" –06:31
  10. "Back to the Light" –05:09 (demo version)

Release details[edit]

  • 1977, UK, Rapid Records, released 1978, LP
  • 2005, UK, RoughMix, released 3 January 2005, CD (with bonus tracks)

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