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Sigsbee Park as seen from the north

Sigsbee Park, also known as Dredgers Key, is an island about a half mile north of Key West island in the lower Florida Keys; administratively it is within the City of Key West, Florida, United States.[1]

It is connected to the island of Key West by Sigsbee Road. The island and causeway are part of the Key West Naval Air Station. It is primarily used for Navy housing. It also includes a Navy Exchange, commissary, elementary school, marina, child development center, youth center, recreation center, RV park, veterinary clinic and Sunset Lounge bar & grill.[2]


The island was created in the 1940s from dredge spoil following the construction of Navy seaplane runways supporting the former seaplane base at nearby Trumbo Point.


Sigsbee Park has just over 500 housing units. The units house a mix of military personnel and civilian base personnel. No longer has a vet clinic since closed 2–3 years ago. Military I.D.'s, or other authorized personnel only can enter and proper ID is needed to make purchases at the Commissary and NEX. No longer has a chapel or Arts and Crafts center. Office has been moved to ITT building.


Sigsbee Park is served by the Monroe County School District. Its zoned schools are Sigsbee Elementary School on Sigsbee Park and Horace O'Bryant Middle School, and Key West High School [1] on Key West island.


Coordinates: 24°34′48″N 81°46′30″W / 24.580°N 81.775°W / 24.580; -81.775