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The Sijiao Island (Chinese: 泗礁山; pinyin: Sìjiāoshān) is the largest island in the Shengsi Islands (嵊泗列岛) with an area of 21.2 km². The island has subtropical climate with the yearly average temperature of 15.8 °C.[1] It is administrated by Shengsi County (嵊泗县), a part of Zhoushan Prefecture (舟山地区).


There are regular ferry lines from Shanghai Wusong, Shiliupu and Luchao Ports operating several times a day. The average travel time from Shanghai is about 5 hours. The island is a touristic destination offering sea bathing.


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Coordinates: 30°42′44″N 122°27′2″E / 30.71222°N 122.45056°E / 30.71222; 122.45056