Mount Sikaram

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Mount Sikaram
Mount Sikaram 2006.jpg
Mount Sikaram viewed from the Kurram Valley
Highest point
Elevation 4,755 m (15,600 ft) [1]
Prominence 2,295 m (7,530 ft) [1]
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 34°02′18″N 69°54′09″E / 34.03833°N 69.90250°E / 34.03833; 69.90250Coordinates: 34°02′18″N 69°54′09″E / 34.03833°N 69.90250°E / 34.03833; 69.90250
Mount Sikaram is located in Tibetan Plateau
Mount Sikaram
Mount Sikaram
Location in the Western Himalayas on Afghanistan–Pakistan border
Location Afghanistan - Pakistan Border
Countries Afghanistan and Pakistan
Province Border triangle of Logar, Paktia and Parachinar
Parent range Spin Ghar, Hindu Kush,
Western Himalayas

Mount Sikaram is a mountain in the Koh Safeed range on the AfghanistanPakistan border south of the Kabul River and Khyber Pass. At 4,755 m (15,600 ft),[1] it is the highest peak of the Koh Safed. It is in the north of Village Piewar of Kurram Agency. The slope of the Sikaram has a small valley which comprises Piewar, Alizai,Tari Mangal, Narai, Speena Shaga and Khewas. It is in the North of Parachinar Kurram Agency. It can be easily seen from almost all parts of Kurram Agency. It has temperatures in below 0C in summers too.(check on Free Meteo..with the name Sikaram Sar). Free Meteo has labeled Sikaram Sar as part of Afghanistan. In fact, it is much easier to climb from Aryub Valley of Afghanistan.But still, these tops are not occupied places. So it can either put in Afghanistan or Pakistan. This top of Sikaram is steep towards its western size which made it easier to construct a road between Kurram Valley and Aryub Valley Afghanistan. This crossing is called Gawi Pass or Piewar Kotal Pass. Piewar Kotal Pass has History in tribal expeditions during British rule. For Reference please search for Piewar-Kotal War.

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