Sikasso Cercle

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Sikasso Cercle
Sikasso marche tomat 2008.jpg
Location of the Cercle of Sikasso in Mali
Location of the Cercle of Sikasso in Mali
Country  Mali
Region Sikasso Region
Admin HQ (Chef-lieu) Sikasso
 • Total 15,375 km2 (5,936 sq mi)
Population (2009 census)[2]
 • Total 725,494
 • Density 47/km2 (120/sq mi)
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)

Sikasso Cercle is one of seven administrative subdivision of the Sikasso Region of southern Mali. The capital is the town of Sikasso.

The cercle is divided into the urban commune of Sikasso and 42 rural communes:[3][4]

Cities and populated places[edit]


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Coordinates: 11°30′N 5°55′W / 11.500°N 5.917°W / 11.500; -5.917