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The Sikh Federation (UK) describes itself as a non-governmental organisation[1] that works with the main political parties to promote relevant Sikh issues.[2][3] It is the largest Sikh organisation in the United Kingdom.

Sikh Federation (UK)

It is a pressure group often referred to as the first Sikh political party in the United Kingdom. SFUK says that it is based on the 'miri-piri' principle: the Sikh principle that temporal and spiritual goals are indivisible.[4]

The organisation was established in September 2003 with the aim of giving Sikhs a stronger political voice by taking an increasing interest in mainstream politics in the UK.

Goals and activities[edit]

Building a stronger political voice in the UK & abroad

  • Strengthening the All Party Parliamentary Group for UK Sikhs
  • Formation and working with the Sikh Council UK
  • Establishing the International Coalition for a Sikh Homeland
  • Mass Sikh lobby in the Houses of Parliament
  • Meeting the Deputy Prime Minister, Home Secretary and Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats
  • Restructuring and expanding across the globe


The Sikh Manifesto.jpg


As of August 9 Amrik Singh Gill was the Chairman of the Sikh Federation (UK).[5]

The Sikh Federation UK has a 15-member executive panel that manages and drives the SFUK agenda and activities, supported by a national and regional structure with local membership.

The Federation's most prominent spokesman is Dabinderjit Singh [6] and a spokesman for Sikh rights and interests.[2][3][7] He was awarded an OBE in 2000.[6] Singh has also acted as a spokesman for Sikh Secretariat, formed in 2001.[7]


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