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Sikh Rajputs
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Sikh Rajputs are followers of Sikhism belonging to the Rajput caste.[1][2]

1901 British census of India collected data on caste, tribe and religious affiliations of Indians. The census recorded 20,000 rajput converts to Sikhism.[3]

These are a group of rebel Rajput princes and their descendants who converted to Sikhism under the great influence of the Sikh Gurus after their release from Gwalior. [4]

These Rajput princes played an important role in the Khalsa army by militarising common Sikhs who were mostly peasants and traders into well trained soldiers. [5]

They taught their Shastravidya to the Khatri Sikh Gurus and the common Sikhs, which was before that exclusive to Rajput princes only.

Such was the affection of the Sikh Gurus that these Rajput princes sacrificed their lives in saving the Guru's Panth which awarded them high ranking positions in the Khalsa army. [6]

These Rajputs had successfully annexed the Punjab from Mughal Empire rule and established a new Sikh rule under the rakhi system.[7]

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