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Bhai Bachitter SinghJi.jpg
Bhai Bachitter Singh , a famous Sikh Rajput
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Sikh Rajputs are a group of Rajput princes and their descendants, rescued from Gwalior by Guru Hargobind , who converted to Sikhism under the great influence of the Sikh gurus .

These Rajput princes played major role in sikhism by militalisiting common Sikhs who were mostly peasants and traders . They gave their Shastravidya to the common Sikhs which was before that exclusive to Rajput princes only .[1][2]

Such was the affection of the Sikh Gurus with them that these Rajput princes gave their lives in saving Gurus against Mughals.

There are many Rajputs in the history of Sikhism: A few are -

- Banda Singh Bahadur,[3][4]

- Sardar Bajjar Singh Rathore

- Sardar Bhagwant Singh Bangeshwar

- Sardar Baj Singh ( First Governor of Khalsa Raj )

- Bhai Mani Singh

- Bhai Bachitter Singh

- Sangat Singh Minhas

- Bhai Maha Singh

- Sardar Gulab Singh Rathore ( Founder of Dallewalia Misl )[5]

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