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Sikh Chola
Preserved Sikh chola
TypeIndian (specifically Punjabi)
Place of originPunjab

Sikh Chola (Punjabi: ਚੋਲਾ (Gurmukhi), romanized: Cōlā, lit.'Robe') is traditional dress worn by Sikhs.[1][2]


It is a martial attire which gives freedom of movement to a Sikh warrior.[3][4] Sikh Chola is also unisex attire, and may also be decorated with heavy embroidery all over it or on the chest.

Preserved examples[edit]

There are preserved chola relics and artefacts that were worn by the Sikh Gurus.[5] A particular Khilka-type Chola believed to have belonged to Guru Nanak has garnered considerable attention and study.[6] A preserved chola of Guru Hargobind linked to the tale of his release from Gwalior Fort with fifty-two fellow prisoners is believed to be preserved at Ghudani Kalan village in Amritsar district of Punjab, India.[7]


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