Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve

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Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve
Russian: Сихотэ-Алинский заповедник, Sikhote-Alinsky Zapovednik
Maps of Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve.svg
Map of Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve (in Russian)
Map showing the location of Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve
Map showing the location of Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve
Location Primorsky Krai, Russia
Nearest city Dalnegorsk
Coordinates 45°02′N 136°20′E / 45.033°N 136.333°E / 45.033; 136.333Coordinates: 45°02′N 136°20′E / 45.033°N 136.333°E / 45.033; 136.333
Area 4,016 km2 (1,551 sq mi)
Established February 1935, 10 (10-02-1935)

Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve (approximate pronunciation /skˈt ɑːˈln/ see-koh-TAY ah-LEEN) is a biosphere reserve in Primorsky Krai. It is an important reserve for the endangered Siberian tiger.

It was founded on February 10, 1935 to protect a population of the sable. The Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve is located in a watershed on the eastern slopes of Central Sikhote-Alin in the Terneysky and Krasnoarmeysky Districts and the area of Dalnegorsk City Council.

The area of the zapovednik is 401,428 ha (2,900 ha - aquatic).[1] The highest point is Glukhomanka Mountain at 1598 m altitude.

Hunting and fishing in Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve are forbidden. Flora and fauna of the reserve are rich.

The reserve, along with Ussurisky Nature Reserve, is featured in the natural film Operation Snow Tiger by the BBC, first aired in 2013.[2]

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