Sikkal Singaravelan Temple

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Sikkal Singaravelan Temple
Proper name Sikkal Singaravelan Koil
Coordinates 10°45′24″N 79°47′55″E / 10.756651°N 79.798685°E / 10.756651; 79.798685Coordinates: 10°45′24″N 79°47′55″E / 10.756651°N 79.798685°E / 10.756651; 79.798685
Country India
State Tamil Nadu
Location Sikkal
Primary deity Singaravelan (Lord Murugan)
Architectural styles Dravidian architecture
History and governance
Creator unknown

Sikkal Singara Velan Temple is one of the most popular Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Muruga and a contender for the unofficial seventh Padaiveedu of Muruga, along with the popular Arupadaiveedu (six abodes of Lord Muruga). It is located in the village of Sikkal, near Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu. It is believed in Hindu mythology that this place was once a jasmine forest and due to it pleasant smell, the semi-human goddess in Hindu mythology, Kamadenu lives here. It is one of the rare traditional Hindu temples that has both Shiva (Navaneeteswarar) and Vishnu (Venaipperuman) deities in the same complex.[1]

The most important festival is associated with Lord Muruga getting the weapon Vel from his divine mother, Parvathi to destroy the demon king, Soorapadman. During this time, it is believed by the devotees that the idol sweats and a major event is conducted. After receiving the weapon and the blessings from his divine mother, he proceeds to kill the demon in Sri Lanka, while setting up the base camp in Thiruchendur.


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