Sikkim National Congress

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Sikkim National Congress
Founder Kazi Lhendup Dorji
Founded 1962
Dissolved 1977
Merged into Indian National Congress
Colours Blue

Sikkim National Congress (abbr. SNC) was political party in Sikkim. SNC was founded in 1962 through a merger of Swatantra Dal, Rajya Praja Sammelan and dissidents of the then dominant parties, Sikkim State Congress and Sikkim National Party. Kazi Lhendup Dorjee was the leader of SNC.

SNC was formed to be a party representing all ethnic groups in Sikkim, as the previously dominating parties de facto were divided on ethnic lines. SNC opposed monarchy in Sikkim and worked for democratic reforms.

In April 1973 Sikkim Janata Congress merged with SNC.

In 1974 the first democratically elected government took office in Sikkim. In the first elections after the fall of the monarchy the party won 31 out of 32 seats.

After the merger of Sikkim with India 1975, Dorjee’s party merged with the Indian National Congress.