Sikkim Sangram Parishad

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Sikkim Sangram Parishad
सिक्किम संग्राम परिषद
Chairperson Nar Bahadur Bhandari
Founded 1984
Headquarters Sangram Bhavan, Jewan Theeng Marg, Gangtok, Sikkim
Ideology Democratic socialism
Seats in Lok Sabha
0 / 545
Seats in Rajya Sabha
0 / 245

Sikkim Sangram Parishad is a regional political party in the Indian state of Sikkim. In 1979, after a period of instability, a ministry headed by Nar Bahadur Bhandari from Sikkim Janata Parishad party gained power in Sikkim. In 1984, Bhandari dissolved Sikkim Janata Parishad and formed a new party called Sikkim Sangram Parishad. Sikkim Sangram Parishad held on to power in the 1984 and 1989 elections, but after that lost to Sikkim Democratic Front, which has swept the elections since 1999. Sikkim Sangram Parishad did not win any seats in the state assembly in the 2004 elections. Nar Bahadur Bhandari has merged Sikkim Sangram Parishad with the Indian National Congress and he is now the president of the Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee (SPCC). This party had won state election two times in 1984 and 1989