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Sikonge is a town and ward in Sikonge District, Tabora Region, Tanzania, East Africa. It is the administrative seat of Sikonge District. As of 2002, the ward had a population of 24,917.[1]

The town of Sikonge falls into two main areas, the mission area and the shops. The Moravian Church (Christians) build their church and their mission adjacent to the town, but the area grew with the addition of schools, a hospital and a nursing college, as well as dwellings. On the shops side is where the Arab traders had their traditional market (bazaar), their warehouses and dwellings. On the shops side there is a government secondary school, a bank, the courts, and a Roman Catholic church.

Administrative divisions[edit]

The ward of Sikonge is divided into the town of Sikonge and three villages: Mlogolo, Mkolye and Igalula[2]


Coordinates: 05°38′S 032°46′E / 5.633°S 32.767°E / -5.633; 32.767