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Sikorsky is an English-language respelling of the Slavic surname Sikorski. Derived from the Polish word sikora – meaning "chickadee or tit" – it was originally the name of a noble Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth family.

Sikorsky or Sikorski (feminine: Sikorska, plural: Sikorscy) may refer to:

People with the surname[edit]

  • Brian Sikorski (born 1974), Major League Baseball and Nippon Professional Baseball relief pitcher
  • Daniel Sikorski (born 1987), Austrian footballer
  • Igor Sikorsky (1889–1972), Russian-American inventor and founder of the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
  • Kazimierz Sikorski (1895-1986), Polish composer
  • Radosław Sikorski (born 1963), Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, former Minister of National Defence
  • Roman Sikorski (1920–1983), Polish mathematician
  • Rudolf Sikorski, fictional character in Boris and Arkady Strugatsky's series of novels
  • Władysław Sikorski (1881–1943), Polish general and Prime Minister in exile during World War II

Other uses[edit]