Sikorsky S-434

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Schweizer S-434.jpg
Role Light utility and trainer helicopter
Manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft
First flight 18 December 2008
Status Active In production
Primary user Ministry of the Interior
Produced 2008–present
Developed from Schweizer S-333
Variants MQ-8 Fire Scout

The Sikorsky S-434 is a light, turbine-powered helicopter. The S-434 is an improved development of the Schweizer S-333.

Design and development[edit]

The prototype S-434 first flew on 18 December 2008 at Horseheads, New York. The S-434 evolved from the S-333, and has many features developed for the MQ-8 Fire Scout. It shares its cockpit layout with the S-333, which gives the crew very good visual capacities and handling characteristics.[citation needed]

On June 15, 2009, Sikorsky announced the delivery of the first two S-434s to Saudi Arabia's Ministry of the Interior, the first of a total of nine.[1]


based on improvements developed for the MQ-8B; powered by one Rolls-Royce 250-C20W turboshaft engine of 320 shp.[2]


 Saudi Arabia

Specifications (S-434)[edit]

Sikorsky Schweizer S‑434 Helicopter[4]

height overall, extended: 11.00 ft (3.35 m)

height overall, compressed: 10.49 ft (3.20 m)

length overall: 30.83 ft (9.40 m)

landing gear tread width, extended: 6.29 ft (1.92 m)

landing gear tread width, compressed: 7.00 ft (2.13 m)

cabin width at seat: 67.6 in (172 cm)

cabin height at seat: 53.3 in (135 cm)

fuel capacity, Jet-A: 84.00 gal (317.97 l)

basic empty weight, approximate: 1,345 lb (610.08 kg)

gross weight, normal category: 2,900 lb (1,315 kg)

gross weight, with external load: 3,200 lb (1,451.49 kg)

useful load, with external load: 1,855 lb (841.41 kg)

Turboshaft Engine:

Rolls Royce 250-C20W, nominal power rating: 420 shp (313.19 kW)

maximum take-off power, S-434 application limited: 320 shp (238.62 kW)

maximum continuous power, S-434 application limited: 280 shp (208.80 kW)

Main Rotor:

4 blades, 471 rpm nominal

diameter: 27.51 ft (8.38 m)

effective disk area: 792 sq ft (73.58 sq m)

Tail Rotor:

diameter: 4.25 ft (1.29 m)

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