Sila, Abu Dhabi

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Sila (Arabic: السلع‎) is a city in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates, 350 kilometers west of Abu Dhabi and 450 kilometers of Dubai, mainly consisting of Emirati town houses.

The city has been undergoing construction over the past years. A new hospital, a school, a police station and shops etc. have been built.

The area of Sila stretches west to the border with Saudi Arabia and encompasses the border town of Ghuwaifat and measures 408 km².[1] The census of 2005 recorded a population of 7,900 in Sila.[2])

There are archaeological remains over 7,000 years old at Sila.[3][4]


Coordinates: 24°04′38″N 51°45′47″E / 24.07722°N 51.76306°E / 24.07722; 51.76306